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Sunday, May 11 - - Mother’s Day

Did you know that Anna Jarvis was the founder of Mother's Day?

Happy Mothers Day!

Anna is the person most credited with turning the second Sunday of May into Mother's Day which, it so happens, is celebrating a milestone this year--Mother's Day is turning 100!

Another person helped launch the national holiday with the stroke of a pen--the U.S. president in 1914, Woodrow Wilson.

Happy 100th anniversary--Mother's Day! And a very happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!

Spring Driving Tip: Be Ready For The Rain

Exposure to ice and snow over the winter can leave your wiper blades in a bad state.

And with the added presence of rain and puddles that spring brings, it's important to ensure that your wipers are properly functioning.

Don't get caught in April showers with bad windshield wipers.

Give yourself a clear view of the road ahead.

Spring Driving Tip: Be Ready for the Rain


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Are You Border Bound?

Are You Border Bound?

Then Holland is just what you need! Holland goes beyond taking your shipment across the border. We have the most next-day shipping lanes to and from Canada in the industry.

Our industry-leading speed, reliability and expertise provide you with the most complete Canada cross-border delivery service.

How are we able to make your cross-border supply chain run smoothly? Because we have:
--More next-day lanes to and from Canada than other carriers
--Greater second-day reach
--Guaranteed service before noon and before 3:30 is available for select destinations
--Shipments clear Customs quickly due to our pre-arrival clearance
--Goods are immediately accessible for delivery on arrival

We deliver transportation solutions that keep your supply chain on schedule. To learn more or schedule a shipment visit or call 1-866-465-5263.

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News & Other Services

Performance Awards from our Valued Customers

Holland is honored to have received several performance awards from valued customers in the first quarter of 2014.  

The awards began on January 16, with the 2013 Regional Partner Carrier of the Year award from Unishippers Global Logistics, which we announced in last month's issue of Holland Headlines

Parker Hannifin 
This exciting win was followed by the Parker Hannifin 2013 LTL Carrier of the Year award. Parker Hannifin, a global leader in motion and control technologies, presented their award "in recognition of Holland's commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement."

Parker Hannifin evaluated LTL carriers across a variety of objective and subjective service and performance measures. In addition to raw performance numbers, carriers were measured based upon the results of an annual customer service survey taken by Parker Hannifin representatives from all of the Company's North American shipping locations. Categories included: claims, EDI compliance, on-time performance, billing accuracy, continuous improvement and customer service.

Jim Ferguson, Holland Vice President of Sales and Marketing stated: "We are extremely honored to receive this award from our valued partners at Parker Hannifin. The satisfaction of our customers comes second-to-none at Holland."
Then came the 2013 BASF LTL Carrier of the Year award for being the best LTL carrier based on the fundamental performance measures of on-time delivery, safety, pricing, customer service and billing accuracy.

These wins were followed by yet another in March when Holland was honored with the 2013 Regional LTL Carrier of the Year award by Echo Global Logistics (EGL).

This is the fourth time in the past five years that Holland has been named their carrier of the year. EGL evaluated providers on performance categories such as dependability, pro-active communication, invoicing accuracy, claims, customer service, responsiveness, website, creativity, pricing, training and convenience.

"The satisfaction of our customers is the very best barometer of success," said Scott Ware, president of Holland. "This award serves as an invaluable affirmation that our efforts to provide superior service to our customers have been effective."

At Holland, there is no reward greater than a satisfied customer. That's why we remain committed to unbeatable standards of service and performance--for every single package, every single day.

Don't just take our customers' words for it, see for yourself what award-winning LTL shipping can do for you.

Call 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online at to schedule your next shipment with Holland.

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A Three Million Mile Man

A Three Million Mile Man

The average American drives about 30 miles round trip on their daily commute to/from work. The average American also works about 230 days per year. Just a bit of simple math will tell us that, assuming the individual begins driving at the age of 16, the average American will drive approximately 234,600 miles by the time they turn 50. Sounds like a lot for being an average driver, right?

Well, Holland professional driver, David C. Henry, is anything but average. In his 28 years with Holland, David has more logged than 12 times the average amount of mileage that most of us will drive in our lifetimes. Perhaps that's not terribly shocking, seeing as he drives for a living, but David didn't simply cover those miles--he covered them without a single preventable accident.

On April 15, David marked his 3-millionth consecutive mile driven without a preventable accident. To give some perspective on such an astronomical number, 3 million miles is equivalent to six round-trips to the moon or over 120 laps around the globe at the equator!

In his 28 years with Holland, David has driven a number of routes and schedules, but he has always operated out of our Cleveland service center. Anyone familiar with Northern Ohio weather will surely gain an even greater appreciation of David's feat after learning that detail. David currently runs five days a week to and from South Bend, Indiana, and is set to retire this coming June.

3 Million Miler 
David's accomplishment was celebrated in grand fashion. As he logged his 3-millionth mile, David was accompanied by a police escort to the dock of the Cleveland service center. There to greet him were his family, friends and coworkers. The event included catered food, cake, a trophy, a ring and a commemorative 3-Million-Miler leather jacket.

There are 428 active Holland professional drivers on the road who have reached the safety milestone of driving over one million consecutive miles without a preventable accident, and 146 active Holland drivers who have reached more than two million consecutive miles without a preventable accident.

David is one of only seven active Holland drivers to have achieved the remarkable three million milestone.

Despite his elite status, David is an exceedingly humble man. He is quick to credit his safety success to forces such as luck and the nightly prayers of his wife. Still, it's impossible to count out his experience, skill, focus and commitment to safety.

Congratulations to David and thank you for making the highway a safer place!

Check out our exclusive video coverage of David's celebration here on our YouTube channel.

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'Tis the Season for Truck Driving Championships

'Tis the Season for Truck Driving Championships

Spring is in the air . . . and that means it's Truck Driving Championship (TDC) season! The competitions kicked off at the beginning of April, and Holland hasn't wasted any time in making its presence felt.

On April 5, Holland professional driver, Gary Barfield (Columbia, SC), took third place in the 4-Axle category at the 2014 South Carolina TDC! Competing amongst the very best professional drivers in the entire state of South Carolina, Gary's win sets him in an elite class of drivers.

On April 25-26, Holland professional drivers Billie Jeffers (Knoxville), David Weatherford (Knoxville) and Henry Dowery (Nashville) drivers participated at the 2014 Tennessee TDC!

Henry Dowery earned second place in the 5-Axle and David Weatherford earned third place in 5-Axle.

To qualify for the competitions drivers must go the entire year prior to the events without a single accident. Drivers who take first place prizes at the state level then go on to compete nationally and the National Truck Driving Championship (NTDC)--commonly referred to as the Super Bowl of Safety.

Holland's next TDC showing will be on May 9-10 in Georgia and North Carolina. Following these will be state competitions in IA, IL, MI, MO, OH, WI, MN and NY all on the weekend of June 6-7. Be sure to check out our upcoming issues of Holland Headlines as well as our social media outlets to get the latest TDC news, photos, videos and more!


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Where Safety Comes Second to None

Where Safety Comes Second To None

Try to envision a perfectly safe environment--somewhere free of any dangers or harm. Odds are, your idyllic image doesn't include the drone and whirr of tools and heavy machinery…right?

Well, believe it or not, all of those elements and more are abundant in one of the safest places in Indiana--the Holland Indianapolis, IN garage or the "Shop."

The Shop has earned this distinction by reaching a full eight years without one single lost time injury! That's right--EIGHT entire years!

While many of us can't go eight months without an accidental slip, trip or fall--all of the employees at the Indianapolis Shop have gone an entire eight years without a single injury to speak of in a dynamic work environment.

This record becomes even more impressive when you consider the nature of the work that these professionals do each and every day.

Innumerable tools, machinery, oil, lubricants and all manner of liquids are in use during all types of weather, and there is certainly no scarcity of accidental possibilities. To stay safe this long requires determination, dedication and focus!

"The Indianapolis Shop has reached a truly incredible accomplishment," said Scott Ware, president of Holland. "Any amount of time without an injury is something we can all be grateful for, but a full eight years of flawless on-the-job performance deserves a standing ovation. With their skill, patience and commitment to safety, the Indy Shop employees have made us all very proud."

This safety milestone was celebrated with a catered lunch at the Shop, along with a commemorative plaque and Holland jacket for each employee.

See what record-breaking safety can do for your supply-chain! Schedule your next shipment with Holland by calling at 1-866-465-5263 or visiting us online at

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