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Newcomers to the cone

In our ever-changing, ever-expanding world, nothing escapes the influence of cultural exchange and the desire for novelty ... not even something as simple and solid as ice cream.

Designated as such by President Reagan in 1984, July is National Ice Cream Month. For some, this means sampling new and unlikely ice cream flavors that are beginning to fill scoops around the world.

Perhaps sample lobster ice cream in Maine ... or jalapeno ice cream further south or even candied bacon ice cream on Saint Simons Island in GA—or simply savor one of the tried and true favorites like vanilla.

Whatever you do, don't let National Ice Cream Month go by uncelebrated!


Enduring the Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days ... we are currently in the midst of the hottest stretch of the year ... in one of the hottest years on record.

Stay hydrated, wear light, breathable clothing and do your best to limit your exposure to the heat and sun.

These conditions can be especially taxing on older folks as well as pets.

Please be sure to take special care during the sweltering Dog Days of Summer.


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Great service guaranteed

When you're faced with an absolute must-arrive on-time shipment, consider Holland Guaranteed Services to provide the peace of mind that comes with a 100% on-time guarantee.

That's precisely what our valued customer at International Paper, Inc. recently did when moving an important shipment. In the end, their expectations were not just met, but surpassed thanks to the exceptional customer service provided by Tamera Phillips, Administrative Clerk at the Holland Charlotte, NC service center.

International Paper, a global leader in paper and packaging products, realized they needed to alter the requirements of an already en route shipment. That's when their transportation specialist, Linda Adams, reached out to Tamera Phillips in hopes of ensuring the timely delivery of her high-priority shipment.

“Tamera helped me intercept an in-transit guaranteed delivery shipment to get it even ‘earlier’ in the day for a customer who was on press,” recounted Ms. Adams in a thank you email she recently sent. “The next morning Tamera sent me an email to let me know the shipment was out for delivery. Awesome! She was very pleasant and informative, and I’m pleased to be able to share this news with Holland.”

On-time, damage-free, and with outstanding customer service to boot... guaranteed. That's the way Holland handles your high-priority shipments. So when you are faced with a tight deadline, look to one of our many guaranteed service options to ensure the smooth operation of your supply chain.

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Four Holland professional drivers head to nationals

We here at Holland thank Russell Simpson (5-axle/Columbus, OH), Bruce Renton (straight truck/Grand Rapids, MI), Jim Looks (tanker/Grand Rapids, MI) and Marty Blandford (5-axle/Jeffersonville, IN) for their commitment to safety. Team Holland congratulates them for their hard won first place wins as division champions in their state safety competitions.

With their state championship wins, these four Holland drivers now qualify to compete at the 2013 National Truck Driving Championships (the “Super Bowl” of Safety).

Be sure to check out the Holland Facebook page to see our great photo albums from the state safety competitions and also keep up-to-date on events at Nationals here as well!

Congratulations to our safety-dedicated drivers, and good luck at the National Truck Driving Championships on August 20-24 in Salt Lake City, Utah!

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Holland professional driver, Marty Blandford, is the definition of a champion. This past June, Marty won the first place trophy in the 5-axle category at the 2013 Indiana State Truck Driving Championships. He was also a major player in securing the Team Trophy for Holland at the event.

Marty's track record is impressive. He has been competing in truck driving championships for 21 years. In that time he has amassed a huge collection of trophies and honors including 9 first place awards, 4 second place finishes, 2 third places and 1 fourth place. Those wins have also resulted in 9 separate trips to the National Truck Driving Championships--an event largely regarded as the greatest stage for competitive truck driving, and often referred to as the “Super Bowl of Safety.”

Marty has been driving professionally for 33 years and has been with Holland since 1992. In his 21 years as a local pickup and delivery driver out of the Holland Jeffersonville, IN service center, Marty has managed to maintain a completely accident-free record ... a feat that is just as, if not more, impressive than his many competition wins.

His veteran position as a leader in safety has also made him the clear choice as the driver instructor for his service center in Jeffersonville, performing road tests for new hires and any other follow-up training that may be required.

When asked about his recipe for being a champion of safety, Marty explained that a variety of factors are involved. “Patience, experience, and common sense to start,” said Marty. “And respect for others on the roadways, always having an out, and constant recognition of what is going on around you.”

The combination of those traits, along with an intense dedication to self-improvement and safety, has made Marty into a model of skill and professionalism in his field. With drivers like Marty on our team, it’s no wonder that Holland is the regional leader in LTL shipping.

Congratulations to Marty on his big win in Indiana, and good luck at Nationals!

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Celebrating the employees who make a great company great

Holland professional driver, Jodie Taylor, treats each new day and every new task as an opportunity to perform his very best. He is well known around the Cleveland, OH service center for his tendency to give 110% and his cheerful attitude.

Over the 23 years he's spent driving, and the 14 he's spent with Holland, his attitude has made him respected by colleagues and customers.

As a local pickup and delivery driver, Jodie logs about 100 miles and 11 hours a day covering the eastern suburbs of the Greater Cleveland, OH area. With many satisfied customers, and a number of safety awards to his name, Jodie is more than just a driver for Holland--he is an ambassador for the company, representing Holland service and safety for the whole of Cleveland.

“Jodie is well-liked and has an excellent relationship with all those in our facility,” said Andrew Osters, Warehouse Manager for Holland customers at Heilind Electronics Inc.

“He consistently performs his job with a positive demeanor and treats all those he comes in contact with respectfully. He is an excellent example what it means to provide exceptional customer service.”

“I just enjoy what I do for a living,” explained Jodie. “I also enjoy my daily interactions with the people I meet. I simply have a personal desire to do a good job.”

In addition to his commitment to excellence in the workplace, Jodie has also committed himself to excellence in martial arts. He is currently a sixth degree black belt Karate instructor who also holds black belts in four other martial arts styles. Now that's giving it 110%!

Jodie is just one example of the people and service that make Holland the regional leader in LTL shipping.

Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

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