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Holland Headlines archives

Holland: 2012 Carrier of the Year

Holland has recently been named 2012 Carrier of the Year for excellence in performance and customer service by:

--Echo Global Logistics
--Haworth Inc.
--Supply Chain Solutions Inc.
--ChemTreat Inc.

Each company measured its service providers across criteria such as claims ratios, invoicing accuracy, customer service, technological support, and on-time performance. Team Holland—your leader in next-day quality handling!

Learn more about our awards here.

Carrier of the Year Award

Quality Service from Holland Safety Super Stars

We are proud to share with you a few of the outstanding safety milestones some of our employees have recently achieved. Holland employees are dedicated to providing you, our customers, with the best service in the safest manner possible.

We thank these Holland employees for making our roadways a safer place and providing you with quality service:
--Stephen Graves, Holland LTL professional driver, 2 million consecutive miles without a preventable accident
--Scott Richter, Holland city driver, 20 years (equivalent to 2 million consecutive city miles without a preventable accident)
--Holland city drivers who have driven 10 years (equivalent to 1 million consecutive city miles without a preventable accident): Brian Failing, Dan McKee, Dave Denning, Dave Hill, Dave Marcellino, Jim Bremer, John “Scott” Moran, Lloyd Bailey, Rick Wood, Scott Brouwer, Terry Szczepanski, Tom Krcatovich

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What's New at Holland

The regional expertise you need

For over 83 years, Holland has dedicated itself to serving its territory with the best LTL shipping money can buy. Servicing 21 states and 2 Canadian provinces, Holland provides its customers with a regional focus and expertise that results in unmatched on-time, damage-free performance, and personalized customer service.

Our regional focus also means that we offer more next-day lanes than any other provider within our territory. With 53 service centers, including 4 in Canada, we have the region covered and serviced quickly – getting you what you need, when you need it... faster than you can say “next-day.”

Not only do we offer the speed of next-day service, we also boast one of the highest on-time percentages in the industry. Fast, reliable, always on-time, Holland makes the complications and inconveniences of shipping vanish. And haste never comes at the expense of caution, as is evidenced by our 99.8% damage-free delivery record. What could be more valuable than the confidence that your shipment will arrive at its destination on-time and in precisely the condition it left in?

Finally, our expertise is coupled with quality sister companies, New Penn and Reddaway, to expand your best-in-class service experience beyond our regional service area. No matter where it's going, we can help get it there.

See what a long legacy of LTL excellence looks like for yourself. Call us at 866-465-5263 or visit us online to start shipping with the regional experts today.

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News & Other Services

Holland Invests in New Tractors and Trailers

The best professionals depend on their skill and quality tools. Surgeons use sharp instruments, mechanics use hard forged wrenches. For Holland drivers, new or well maintained tractors and trailers make a difference.

Hundreds of new tractors and trailers are being merged into our fleet this year.

The investment contributes to what customers expect from Holland--the best reliability, fewer damaged shipments and a safety record admired in the industry.

Holland hires the best professional drivers, and we’re proud to put our logo on quality equipment so we can provide first-rate service to our customers.

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I Am Holland

Wheeling, IL service center office manager, James Alderson, is described by all that know him as the type of person you really want on your team. Knowledgeable, courteous, service-oriented, and respectful of everyone he meets, James Alderson is a fan favorite for both coworkers and customers alike.

A Holland employee since 1988, his duties are numerous, and vary greatly from day-to-day. On any given day, James might find himself resolving issues that occur anywhere from the dock, the road, the office. His title of office manager might be a little misleading. His expertise extends well beyond the office to the realms of safety, customer support, and even haz-mat.

“Jim is always professional in his many responsibilities,” said Jeff Epstein, terminal manager. “He conducts himself with character and values that can get lost in today’s fast moving and high pressure environment. With Jim, superiors, subordinates, and customers are all treated fairly and with respect. He is what we should all aspire to be.”

James is just one example of Holland employees working hard to provide the service and support that best meet your needs. Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

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Holland lends a helping arm

Red Cross 
Just a few weeks ago, Holland went up against some local companies based in the Holland, MI area in a blood drive challenge organized by the American Red Cross. Donation goals were based on company size with the victor being the company exceeding their goal by the largest percentage.

The results are now in, and although Holland came in second, the Red Cross was able to collect 116% of its goal with 36 units of blood donated.

Holland is happy to lend its support to the Red Cross. Each blood donation has the potential to save up to three lives.

Thanks to the other local companies for participating in the drive with us, and thanks to The American Red Cross for providing this opportunity to improve the lives of many others.

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Professional driver, Mike Finn, joined Holland on May 12, 1986. Twenty-six years later he has established himself as one of the premier drivers in this country. Mike's most recent milestone in his 34-year career came on February 19, 2013 when he was named 2013 Michigan Driver of the Year by the Michigan Trucking Association (MTA) at its annual Safety Awards Banquet.

This prestigious award is given to one exceptional driver each year to honor excellence in safety, service, and performance. The Michigan Driver of the Year is chosen from the MTA Driver of the Month winners. Mike is also the 2013 April MTA Driver of the Month.

Mike Finn was presented with his award by Ruth Johnson, Michigan Secretary of State.

All told, Mike received three MTA awards--his 2013 Michigan Driver of the Year plaque, his Michigan April Driver of the Month Plaque, and his “Driver1” commemorative Michigan license plate.

In 34 years, he has driven over 3.2 million consecutive miles without a preventable accident. Putting that in perspective--three million miles is the equivalent of driving to the moon and back six times!

Mike drives out of the Holland Birch Run, MI service center north of Flint, MI. His daily route begins just south of Lake Huron’s Saginaw Bay and continues southwest to South Bend, IN toward Lake Michigan and back again. He travels through one of the country's toughest snowbelts every day--making his current safety record all the more impressive.

Despite all of his successes, Mike claims he is “just doing my job.” His strong safety commitment has been in effect from his earliest days of driving. “I learned when I was young to do my job to the best of my abilities every day,” said Mike. And we can say that it certainly shows.

Congratulations, Mike, MTA Michigan Driver of the Year, for your big win and thanks for helping to make Holland--and our highways--safe!

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