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Celebrating our drivers

Last week was a nation-wide week long celebration for drivers!

Without professional drivers, the wheels would pretty much fall off of the nation's economy.

For one week every year the federal government, the trucking industry and transportation companies publicly recognize and thank professional drivers for their contributions to the way of life we all enjoy.

Did you know:
1 out of every 19 people working in the U.S. are employed by the trucking industry
--The average daily run for an over-the-road driver is nearly 500 miles
--In 2011, the trucking industry hauled 9.2 billion tons of freight (or 67 percent of total U.S. freight tonnage

Whether it's food on the dinner table or parts on the assembly line, our nation's professional drivers are responsible for keeping America moving.

Find out more.

Sept. 16-22


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Opportunities abound at Holland!


Early Fall walking tip: Keep your canine cool

We often hear about the importance of keeping cool and hydrated while walking in the summer heat, but it's important to remember that our pets require the same care when Fall's topsy-turvy weather hits.

During these early Fall days the weather can bounce from highs to lows. Your pet may be adjusting. Be sure to take frequent breaks.

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Summer walking tip: Keep your canine cool

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Fast reliable service to Canada

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What's New at Holland

Dedicated carrier service with an LTL carrier

When a product line shuts down and you need a shipment fast, your initial response may be to call a hot shot company or dedicated carrier. For a better and more economical option, call Holland and ask for "Expedited" service.

 Dedicated Carrier Service with an LTL Carrier
Holland expedited service can go up to 800 miles next day. All shipments stay wholly within the Holland freight system and on Holland trucks.

Unlike many expeditors, Holland does not hand off expedited shipments to owner operators. Because your shipment remains in our system, we always have control of it. Maintaining control assures you receive the reliability, careful handling and overall value you expect from Holland.

In addition to exclusive control during transit, Holland proactively monitors every expedited shipment. If an issue arises, one of our expedited monitors will call to alert you. In the unlikely event a failure occurs, even by a minute, you receive a ${Content} invoice.

Constant control, personal monitoring, and a ${Content} invoice guarantee. Need another reason to choose Holland for an expedited solution? How about 99 percent on-time delivery performance for expedited shipments?

Near-perfect performance is one reason shipping decision-makers rated Holland among the best in the marketplace in the 2012 Quest for Quality program sponsored by Logistics Management magazine. This is the fifth straight year Holland has been named a Quest for Quality carrier in the Expedited Motor Carrier category.

Expedited situations evolve quickly and often with little or no warning. Whether you need to move a shipment 800 miles as fast as possible or need to make a delivery 200 miles away by 7 a.m. the next day, Holland is ready to customize an expedited solution for you. Contact your account executive, go online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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News & Other Services

DuPont honors Holland for superior performance

 DuPont honors Holland for superior performance
DuPont has recognized Holland for superior performance in the transport of DuPont products to its customers.

The company presented its prestigious 2011 Outstanding Service Award to Holland at the annual DuPont Safety and Security Conference in August. Over 300 carrier representatives were on hand for the presentation of the award, which is based on carrier performance and safety excellence.

To bring award-winning regional expertise to your supply chain, contact your Holland account executive, go online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Depending on the season you'll find "I Am Holland" award winner Joan Walters rooting as much for the Green Bay Packers as for the baseball teams of her two beloved grandsons.

 Joan Walters
The administrative clerk (Wausau, WI) shares the same enthusiasm for her job. "It's cool to come to work, enjoy your job and like the people you work with," she says. "It's fun."

From taking calls for quotes and pickups to monitoring Expedited shipments, handling OS&D (over, short and damage) claims, billing, and so much more, the 50-year veteran of the trucking industry says, "I basically work on getting the freight picked up and billed so it can move out. Taking care of the customer is the number one priority. We've kind of spoiled our customers," she admits.

Patrick Greer, Wausau terminal manager, says Joan is the ideal example of true Holland values. "She handles customer service top-notch. She's got everybody's trust. I can't say enough about Joanie and her work habits. Joanie always has a smile on her face and always has a great attitude. She is a wonderful lady, and she puts in 110% daily. She really loves her job."

Joan is just one example of Holland employees working hard to provide the service and support that best meet your needs. Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to  
"I Am Holland"

Joan is a proud member of the 2012 "I Am Holland" award-winning team.  The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees I am Hollandwho exemplify our core values:
--Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
--Respect for each individual
--Excellence in all areas of customer service
--Hard work and continuous improvement

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South Bend sets safety record

This past July 26, the South Bend, IN terminal marked an astonishing achievement: Over 500,000 consecutive hours worked without a single lost time injury. The approximately 200 South Bend employees celebrated the milestone event with an all-day barbecue party hosted at the terminal with Holland officers manning grills and serving up burgers, and all the requisite fare.

To give some perspective on the scale of this astronomical record, 500,000 hours is just over 57 years!

"The fact that we were able to work over 500,000 hours lost time injury-free in this industry is an accomplishment that everyone should be proud of," said South Bend Terminal Manager Kurt Kopczynski. "We strive to be proactive and reduce risk in the workplace. We want everyone to come to work and go home safely every day."

When it comes to safety in the workplace, everyone is a winner. From employees and their families to Holland customers, safety makes for better lives and better business.

Congratulations to the South Bend terminal on their impressive achievement!

Over 500,000 consecutive hours worked without a single lost time injury

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Holland drivers go the distance

Last week was National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (Sept. 16-22). We'd like to recognize some of the best of the best here at Holland.

Going the distance has new meaning for Holland professional drivers who recently achieved safe-driving milestones.

 Holland drivers go the distance
Eleven drivers have logged two million miles without an accident.

That's like driving to the moon and back four times and still having almost ninety thousand miles to go.

We congratulate:
--Jackie Allison, Charlotte, NC
--Laurence Bantum, Atlanta, GA
--David Beller, Columbus, OH
--Robert Cockerham, Evansville, IN
--Steven Cook, Jackson, MI
--Rodney Graves, Des Moines, IA
--David McLees, Milwaukee, WI
--Kareen Pennycuff, Nashville, TN
--Douglas Stone, South Bend, IN
--John White, Cleveland, OH
--James Young, South Bend, IN

Every mile safely logged helps Holland meet the service promises to customers whose shipments are in their care. To bring this level of expertise to your supply chain, contact your account executive or go online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Highlighting how trucking affects our lives,
And the people who make it happen

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on a typical day in the United States about 32 million tons of goods valued at 25.2 billion dollars move via trucks on our nation's highways.

Here at Holland, we understand that at the core of those statistics are real, hardworking people--people who climb into a truck cab every day to keep America's gears turning. That's why we have created our new series "By way of the highway"--to honor the people who transport the goods we need to survive.  

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Holland Chicago city driver David Sobottke began driving professionally at the early age of 18. Since then he has worked in nearly every level of the shipping industry--including a 20-year stint as the owner of a small trucking company in Chicago--and is now celebrating his 8th year with Holland. Over his Holland career he has not had a single ticket, lost-time injury or accident.

Holland Chicago city driver, David Sobottke 
All the while, David was complementing his busy transportation career with a second job as a firefighter for his hometown of Clarendon Hills, IL. David joined the cadet-training program with the department at just 16 years of age and now, 40 years later, he ranks as a Captain.

While many would consider successfully managing two very demanding jobs a sort of heroism in itself, David is a real-life hero to a fellow Clarendon Hills resident.

On June 16, David was attending a graduation party at a neighbor's home, when suddenly a guest began showing signs of choking. David stepped in and successfully employed the Heimlich maneuver to save the man's life.

"The whole thing happened in probably under a minute," David recalls. "It was a blur, really. But you have to act fast in situations like those and thankfully I was able to help."

David went on to explain that in both his lines of work, he is constantly learning, training, and developing in accordance with new technologies, standards, and practices. And that dedication to safety and experience saves lives both on the road and off.

We at Holland proudly honor David Sobottke for his act of heroism, and thank him for his tireless commitment to safety.

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