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The Holland Headlines survey results are in!

The Holland Headlines survey results are in!

The responses to our 2012 Holland Headlines Reader Survey have been collected and reviewed, and we'd like to thank you for participating!

While we learned that nearly 95% of you find the content of Holland Headlines holds relevance to your interests, we've also learned that the vast majority of you prefer content that speaks to industry or company news, and tips for online resources and logistics.

We are making the necessary adjustments to meet your preferences.

Many thanks again to all those who participated, and congratulations to our three random prize winners who have been sent their gift certificates to the Holland Company Store


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Summer walking tip: Clothe yourself in cool

One of the best ways to beat the heat when walking in the summer months is to wear the proper clothing.

Light, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials are ideal to keep you cool and avoid heat rashes and chafing.

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Stay cool, stay safe, and enjoy the rest of summer!
Summer walking tip: Clothe yourself in cool

Summer driving tip: Summer's wane

With the summer solstice already far behind us, it's important to remain conscious of our ever-shortening days.

Keep in mind that we lose one minute of daylight every day until the end of daylight savings time in early November.

That means a little less visibility with each passing day, and greater danger on the roadways.

And while the days shorten, the warm weather persists, so remain alert and watch for children and pedestrians who continue to play and stroll into the low light of dusk.
Summer driving tip: Summer's wane


Fast reliable service to Canada

Holland has more next-day service into Canada than any other competing LTL service provider. Want to learn more? Have a Holland representative contact you.
Fast reliable service to Canada


Holland Rewards program update

Now earn Double-Point Credits on shipments using our inbound service.

Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with awards. Call your account executive to learn more and to see if you qualify.
   Holland Rewards


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What's New at Holland

Quest for Quality honors for performance excellence

 Quest for Quality honors for performance
For the 27th straight year, the readers of Logistics Management magazine have told the transportation marketplace that Holland provides outstanding service quality.

Holland ranked first in on-time performance in the magazine's 2012 Quest for Quality reader survey. We've been honored as a top performer in two categories--Midwest/North Central Regional LTL Carriers and Expedited Motor Carriers. This is the 27th consecutive year Holland has received at least one Quest for Quality award and the fifth consecutive year in the Expedited Motor Carriers category.

Back in 1985, Holland had 27 terminals and annual revenue of $300 million. Even though our quest for quality began in 1929, since 1985 the Quest for Quality Award has given transportation and logistics decision-makers the opportunity to identify providers that deliver premier service. Providers are rated in the areas of on-time performance, value, customer service, information technology and equipment/operations. This year, the magazine received 4,709 responses to its survey.

Holland today has 57 terminals and is a billion dollar best-in-class service provider. We continue year after year to build on a reputation of superior service. To bring award-winning regional expertise to your supply chain, contact your Holland account representative, go online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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News & Other Services

Guaranteed flexibility to fill the most challenging orders

 Guaranteed flexibility to fill the most challenging orders
Sometimes winning new business or keeping existing business comes down to the smallest pieces of your supply chain. A provider that offers you more delivery options than any other carrier could be what you need to win new business or keep current customers. The Holland high-speed regional network provides more and earlier delivery options than any carrier in our market.

For example, our Guaranteed by 9 a.m. service option gives you the flexibility to respond to your customer's demand to:
--Put a product into production on the same morning it arrives
--Put a product on the retail floor so it can be sold the same day
--Coat or retool a product so it can be shipped back out in the afternoon

Guaranteed delivery before 9 a.m. is just one of the delivery options available from Holland. Others include:
--Delivery before noon when you have a customer who stops receiving early in the day
--Delivery before 3:30 when you need to ensure arrival before the first shift ends
--Window Delivery Hour Specific when you don't want to pay unnecessary overtime for someone to wait for a shipment to arrive
--Window Delivery Day Specific when you need to ensure a shipment doesn't arrive early or late on a specific day or range of days

Even more precise and earlier delivery times are available through Holland Expedited service. Holland also offers guaranteed service to and from Canada. Your Holland account representative is ready to develop a guaranteed solution that gives you flexibility to meet your customers' demands. Contact your account representative, go online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Holland's state champions compete at nationals

Three Holland drivers put their driving skills and knowledge of vehicle operation and federal safety regulations to the test at the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC)--the "Super Bowl of Safety"--in Minneapolis, MN on August 7-12.

 Holland's state champions compete at nationals
Competing in a field of more than 400 state-level champions were Herschel Evans, GA, five-axle; Mike Tobolic, MI, five-axle; and David White, OH, tanker. Our top finisher was Herschel Evans, who placed sixth in the nation.

View our "2012 National Truck Driving Championships--The Week in Review" photo album on facebook.

Herschel, Mike and David have proven themselves to be among the nation's most professional and safest drivers. To qualify for the national event, each placed first in their respective class at their state contests and maintained accident-free safety records the preceding year.

Driving contests are more than a test of how well a driver can operate a vehicle--they are a safety program that challenges drivers to sharpen their driving skills. More than 60 Holland drivers competed in local and state driving competitions this year. We congratulate each one for their professionalism and personal goals to make themselves better and safer drivers.

To add the professionalism of Holland drivers to your business, contact your Holland account representative, go online at or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Delivering an exceptional customer experience

 Jim Clark, city dispatcher (Columbus, OH)
Jim Clark, city dispatcher (Columbus, OH), is passionate about what he does. The "I Am Holland" award winner has been dispatching in the industry for almost 40 years, 25 of those with Holland.

Full of spunk, he has one of the toughest jobs at a terminal. In by 5:45 a.m. daily, Jim oversees some 65 drivers, ensuring the freight gets delivered and picked up as early as possible.

"Most businesses don't carry big inventory like they used to," he explains. "It's almost like we're a moving warehouse for them. If they don't receive their shipments in a timely manner, they might have downtime, which costs them money."

 Jim Clark, city dispatcher, Columbus, OH
"There is nothing but respect for Jim from the drivers," emphasizes Scott Shaffer, terminal manager. "I think a lot of the performance we enjoy in Columbus is because of the leadership he brings to the job on a daily basis."

"He has an outstanding relationship with the customers," adds Dee Hurst, office administrator. "They know if Jim makes a commitment to them, it will happen."

Jim says the biggest challenge is planning the logistics, always thinking ahead. "Some customers close at 2 p.m., while others are open all night. You've just got to keep an eye on it. Every day is different."

Jim is just one example of Holland employees working hard to provide the service and support that helps us best meet your needs.

Experience Holland service for yourself; schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to  
"I Am Holland"

Jim is a proud member of the 2012 "I Am Holland" award-winning team.

The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees I am Hollandwho exemplify our core values:
--Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
--Respect for each individual
--Excellence in all areas of customer service
--Hard work and continuous improvement

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Where safety never takes a day off

This past July, the Holland Dayton, OH terminal celebrated a truly astounding achievement: over 400,000 hours worked without a single lost-time injury. The Dayton team's incredible efforts towards safety were recognized by a daylong barbecue hosted at the facility. To help put this in perspective--400,000 hours is equivalent to over 45 years! That's over half a lifetime without a single lost-time injury--something to be truly proud of.

"Terminal manager Frank Blizzard and his entire Dayton team strive to keep a strong safety culture in place, and it certainly is shown with this achievement," said Area Safety Manager Larry Gregg.

He added, "Our employees face risks every day in their work environment, and every Dayton employee is to be commended for this impressive milestone. It is a win-win situation for the employees, their families, the company, and our customers when an employee is injury-free."

Many thanks to all of team Holland for continuing to lead the industry in what matters most--the safety and well-being of us all . . . both on and off the roadways.

Where safety never takes a day off--Dayton, OH 


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Industry News

East Coast port expansions get bipartisan support

East coast port expansions get bi-partisan support 
Forty-three ports along the East Coast of the United States will get federal assistance to expand. These projects will allow larger container ships to dock at the ports, create inland intermodal facilities to improve the flow of goods through the region, and ultimately will lead to an expansion of freight volumes through the region. This all comes in advance of the opening of the Panama Canal expansion project in 2014--a project that will open up Asian freight flows to the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.

Still looking for the peak season

 Still looking for the peak season
Economists are still looking for signs that this peak season will be stronger. However, data through July is still weaker than expected. The Cass Freight Index shows that freight shipments around the country were down slightly from June, but up from July of last year. Last year's volumes were affected by the Japan tsunami and earthquake last year. Supply chains had not recovered by July. This year, businesses are approaching the peak season more conservatively because of the looming "fiscal cliff."

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