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Spring driving tip #1: Fun, sun, and safety hazards

The ushering in of warm weather is something we all look forward to, but spring poses a unique host of hazards when driving.

With more people outdoors, one should use extra caution--especially in residential areas.

Children at play, pedestrians, bicyclists, and pets are more likely to cross your path.

So take note of your periphery and stay alert!

Read more spring safe driving tips.

Spring driving tip #1: Fun, sun, and safety hazards

Spring driving tip #2: Be ready for the rain

Exposure to ice and snow over the winter can leave your wiper blades in a bad state.

And with the added presence of rain and puddles that spring brings, it's important to ensure that your wipers are properly functioning.

Check and replace damaged blades before you get behind the wheel on a rainy spring day.

Give yourself a clear view of the road ahead.

Read more from the spring safe driving checklist.

Spring driving tip #2: Be ready for the rain

Holland safety superstar Warren Clark on YouTube

Holland professional driver Warren Clark has reached the rare safety milestone of driving three million consecutive miles without a preventable accident.

Warren has been driving for Holland since 1979, and currently operates a linehaul route out of the Chattanooga, TN service center.

"His accomplishment is truly an exceptional one," said Holland President Mike Naatz.

"Warren's commitment to safety and professionalism is something that we at Holland are extremely proud of and grateful for."

A video of the safety celebration held for Warren is now available on YouTube.

Holland Safety Super Star, Driver Warren Clark, on YouTube

* The video was produced and edited by Jim Good, a colleague of Warren's and a fellow Chattanooga, TN driver.

Celebrate Earth Day 2012--Keep it beautiful!

Sunday, April 22, is Earth Day, a day intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the natural environment on planet Earth.

The first Earth Day was observed on March 21, 1970 in San Francisco.

In 2009 the United Nations designated April 22 as International Mother Earth Day.

It is now celebrated worldwide in more than 175 countries.

Find out more.

April 22 is Earth Day

National Arbor Day--April 27

Did you know?

The first Arbor Day was celebrated in Nebraska in 1872.

An estimated one million trees were planted that day.

"Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future."

Plant a tree--you'll celebrate life and clean the air.

It's a gift for future generations.

Find out other ways to celebrate Arbor Day.

National Arbor Day--April 27

Don't take chances with your freezable shipments

Complete a customer interest form for more information on our 99.9 percent claim-free Freeze Protection Service, available Monday through Friday on shipment pickups.

Fast reliable service to Canada

Holland has more next-day service into Canada than any other competing LTL service provider.

Want to learn more? Have a Holland representative contact you.

Fast reliable service to Canada

Holland Rewards program update

Now earn Double-Point Credits on shipments using our inbound service.

Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with awards.

Call your account executive to learn more and to see if you qualify.

Holland Rewards

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What's New at Holland

What's on your scorecard?

What matters most to your customers about the product or service you provide? Your answer likely involves delivery of your shipments.

What's on your scorecard?Accurate, on-time and damage-free shipments contribute to the total customer experience you're offering to the marketplace.

Designed to monitor carrier performance, scorecards help showcase the impact transportation has on your customer service. For every shipment at Holland, we closely track the metrics that ultimately affect your customers' experience with your company:

  • 97 percent or better on-time service
  • 99 percent on-time for guaranteed and expedited shipments
  • 99.8 percent damage-free deliveries

For ChemTreat, a leading specialty chemical company, the measures which affect its customer service involve the on-time and damage-free delivery performance of its carriers. For our industry-leading performance in these metrics, ChemTreat named Holland its 2011 carrier of the year.

Susan Coggsdale, LTL manager for ChemTreat, explained, "Shipments are moved along smoothly and our products are being delivered to our customers in a timely manner, which makes our jobs easier and our customers happy."

In addition to individual company awards programs, the entire shipping community evaluates the performance of the industry through the Quest for Quality survey sponsored by Logistics Management magazine. For the 26th straight year, Holland has been recognized as a Quest for Quality  carrier based on reader response to the 2011 survey. The metrics? On-time performance, value, customer service, information technology and equipment/operations.

What do you measure when you put together a carrier scorecard or carrier awards program? Very likely some of the same measures that affect your customers’ experience with your product or service.

To see how Holland can boost your customer service through regional coverage and fast, flexible, and reliable next-day service, call 1-866-465-5263 or go online.

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News & Other Services

Hiring our heroes to drive for Holland

When it comes to providing the best regional service available, an employee's service in the armed forces is a valuable asset in terms of skills, values and ethics.

Hiring our heroes to drive for HollandWith their proven leadership, teamwork, discipline and critical-thinking skills, military veterans and National Guard and Reserve members are the perfect candidates to drive for Holland.

There are one million unemployed veterans in America. Through participation in the Employer Partnership program and Hiring Our Heroes initiative, Holland is working to place ideal candidates in positions that are essential to the timely and safe delivery of shipments.

The Employer Partnership is a collaborative effort by the Army Reserve and Army National Guard to link service members to career opportunities in the civilian job market with national, regional and local employer partners. Over 50,000 soldiers, their families and veterans participate. Holland joined the program as an employer partner on March 3.

On March 28, Holland participated in a job fair in Chicago hosted by Hiring Our Heroes, an initiative from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that aims to get veterans back into the workforce. The NBC Today Show taped a segment on the March 28 job fairs, broadcasting from New York and doing reports from Chicago and Fort Hood, TX. Nearly 5,000 attended the job fairs and 16,000 registered for an online career fair.

Corporate sales teams create value for extended supply chains

The industry's three leading regional carriers--HollandReddaway and New Penn--have launched new corporate sales teams dedicated to customers operating extended supply chains.

Corporate sales teams create value for extended supply chainsThe most important responsibility of a regional corporate account executive (CAE) is to know his or her corporate customers inside and out. They work to thoroughly understand customer supply chain, business, concerns and goals--then apply the services and expertise of Holland, Reddaway and New Penn to find more value within the supply chain. As part of this new alignment, each corporate customer will have a YRC Freight CAE as well.

Both CAEs work to identify and meet corporate customer needs. This new approach provides subject matter expertise, better communication and a more focused approach to solutions.
"In today's economic environment, our customers require vendors that truly understand their supply chain and have a vested interest in helping them achieve success. My goal is to be the subject matter expert who provides solutions quickly and accurately," said Holland CAE Mark Williams.

Holland, Reddaway and New Penn each have broad service offerings with a focus on next-day deliveries within their regions keeping corporate customers closer to their regional customers and suppliers. The CAEs are a liaison between customers and resources with the expertise to develop regional solutions including:

Fifteen regional CAEs are ready to bring the collective value of HollandReddaway and New Penn to bear on the challenges affecting corporate customers. They are: Benjamin Law, Brian Corbett, Deborah Viteri, Gene Vanderboom, Jerry Neiheisel, Keith Berlan, Lem Goodpasture, and Mark Williams from Holland; Bill Breeding, Joanne Carr, Richard Salazar and Steve Botsch from Reddaway; and John Barry, Nick Florin and Pete Shoudy from New Penn.

To learn more about the value we can bring to your extended supply chain, visit us online today.

Jumping fences for a timely delivery

For Barrette Outdoor Living, a better product is never enough. The North American leader in wood and vinyl fencing manufacturing knows its products have to arrive in the time and manner its customers require.

Jumping fences for a timely deliveryBarrette produces and markets exterior home products such as fencing, railing, garden accents and sheds under a variety of leading brand names through specialty retailers, home centers and lumberyards.

When a large home improvement retailer opened a new store in Minnesota, Barrette turned to Holland and our next-day expertise to ensure its product was delivered on time. But the retailer did not make appointments with carriers. The company's project coordinator felt the chance for on-time delivery to be about 10 percent. 

For Diane Miller, the retailer's no-appointments policy was just another fence to clear on the way to a timely delivery. Undaunted, the office administrator at the Minneapolis, MN terminal reached out to the retailer for a solution.

She discovered the retailer had staff on hand. Diane seized the opportunity. She contacted Ken Fox, Holland terminal manager, and made the delivery happen ahead of schedule without compromising any other shipments.

"We're in the business of providing service. If a customer has a special need that we are capable of providing, we should do it," Diane said.

The company's project coordinator was pleased, to say the least. "What a wonderful surprise. What was even nicer was Diane called to let me know she was able to have it delivered. I didn't have to call her. She took the initiative to call the customer. In my 30 years of working, this has never happened."

Diane's dedication to service isn't restricted to Holland. Diane is in her second term as the mayor of Harris, MN and is preparing for re-election in November.
People like Diane and their passionate efforts to provide our customers with the best possible service make Holland the regional leader in next-day service.

To bring this level of service to your shipping, call 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online.

Making good drivers better

Driving competitions make good drivers better. Competitions include driving skills and maneuvering tests, a pre-trip inspection and a written examination covering vehicle operation and federal safety regulations

Making good drivers betterThese competitions are more than a test of how well a driver can operate a vehicle--they are a significant safety program that challenges the best and safest drivers first at the local level, then the state level, and finally at the national level.

The 2012 local events have wrapped up and state contests are beginning. The top finishers at the state levels will advance to the national competition. This year's National Truck Driving Competition is August 7-11 in Minneapolis, MN.

South Carolina and Tennessee are holding their state contests in April and Holland drivers will be participating!

Watch upcoming issues of Holland Headlines for updates on our champions using the driving competitions to sharpen their driving skills.

We wish the best to our safety champions. They make us all safer!

APRIL 20-21
South Carolina
Gary Barfield, city driver, Columbia, 4-axle class
Brian (Mitch) Jordan, city driver, Spartanburg, straight truck
Mark McDaniel, city driver, Spartanburg, 5-axle

APRIL 27-28
Joseph Gandy, city driver, Knoxville, 4-axle
David Weatherford, city driver, Knoxville, 5-axle

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

"I am Holland" award-winner Bruce Sattler"I am Holland" award-winner Bruce Sattler, city driver, Cleveland/Brooklyn, OH, serves the Medina, Strongsville and Columbia Station communities. We send congratulations out to Bruce who is celebrating his 29th anniversary with Holland this month!

"Bruce is just rock solid--a gentle giant and a wonderful leader," says Mike Dzura, terminal manager for Holland's Brooklyn, OH facility. "He's a safe worker who goes over and above to please his customers. Bruce has a deep-seated conviction to our corporate core values. He constantly strives to exceed expectations.

"We've had a number of customers write letters and call us, thanking us for what Bruce does on a daily basis to deliver and pick up freight."

Holland Account Executive Jill Breen nominated Bruce for the award. She notes, "Bruce shows our customers respect by learning their lunch times and break schedules--then plans his routes to avoid those times. That may not seem like a big deal, but based on the appreciation shown by customers, it goes a long way.

"He genuinely cares for all of his customers, big or small, and always knows he is representing Holland with everything he does," she adds. "If there is a concern, he helps the customer solve it and goes out of his way to follow-up. His integrity is inspiring and his pride for Holland is contagious." 

"I'm very, very proud of the company I work for and always will be," remarks Bruce. "It's a top-rate company, an honest company with a lot of good integrity and, boy, it just fits into my lifestyle."

As each workweek draws to a close, usually on a Friday evening, Bruce will take time to reflect. He makes continuous improvement an integral part of his life.

When asked how he makes a difference every day, Bruce is quick to respond, "I try to spread positive thinking. Whatever I do, I try to do my best in anything in my life. No matter what it is," he says. "My job is one of the things that I try to do my best. That is my goal every day.

"To be successful in life or successful in your company, it's really all about doing the right thing. Do what you know is right. Do what is expected of you. And, follow through."

Bruce is just one example of the people and service that keeps customers coming back to Holland.

Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

"I Am Holland"

Bruce is a proud member of the 2012 "I Am Holland" award-winning team.

The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees I am Hollandwho exemplify our core values:
--Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
--Respect for each individual
--Excellence in all areas of customer service
--Hard work and continuous improvement

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Highlighting how trucking affects our lives,
And the people who make it happen

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on a typical day in the United States about 32 million tons of goods valued at 25.2 billion dollars move via trucks on our nation's highways.

Here at Holland, we understand that at the core of those statistics are real, hardworking people--people who climb into a truck cab every day to keep America's gears turning. That's why we have created our new series "By way of the highway"--to honor the people who transport the goods we need to survive. 

Holland driver James Lawless has been driving commercial vehicles since 1974. He started his driving career making straight truck deliveries in New York City. In 2002, Jim joined the Holland Team in our Charlotte, NC terminal, and has been serving the region as a city driver for nearly a decade.

James Lawless
Despite his veteran status and wealth of experience, Jim hasn't grown contented behind the wheel. He remains dedicated to improving his craft every single day.

That dedication has led to a number of safety and performance awards over the years. Most recently, Jim was named 2011 North Carolina State Straight Truck Champion and went on to compete at the National Truck Driving Championship in Orlando last year.

Jim also recently took part in a competition called "Battle of the Borders," held in Marietta, GA. The competition was organized by Holland drivers to help prepare for state and national competitions; and also, of course, to see who has the best big-rig skills in the region. Over 40 safety-dedicated Holland drivers took part in the event. Jim took second place in the 4-axle category at the event and is gearing up for gold at the state competitions.

It's clear that Jim is an exceptional driver, and like many exceptional drivers, Jim attributes much of his success to his composure behind the wheel. "The most important factor in safe driving is patience. It's important to stay calm and cool, no matter what the situation."

But it isn't all about demeanor for Jim. The real substance of Jim's skills behind the wheel lies in his constant attention to detail, and his insatiable desire to improve. "Every day out on the job is like training. I like to treat every turn, every backing up, every maneuver, like it's a competition."

And when every delivery is performed like there's a championship on the line, you get results. With drivers like Jim Lawless on our team, it's clear how we are able to maintain the industry-leading on-time percentages and damage-free ratios that make Holland the best in the region.

For Jim, it's not all about competing. He truly enjoys trucking. When discussing the people he meets and places he sees, he recounted some of his deliveries to the local NASCAR facilities in Mooresville, NC.

"Going there I get to see what most fans could only dream about: Body panels, raw materials . . . an engine room with maybe 80 race engines mounted from floor to ceiling. It's amazing. You don't even realize how many people it takes working behind the scenes for a race. And a lot of them never even step foot on the track."

Jim's insight holds true for what we do at Holland as well. It is important to recognize Jim, and all the talented, dedicated people on Team Holland. It's our collective commitment to safety, performance, and ceaseless improvement that keeps Holland ahead of the pack.

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Industry News

Truck tonnage rebounds in February

Truck Tonnage Rebounds in FebruaryThe American Trucking Association's truck tonnage index rebounded in February with a rise of .5% month-to-month.
In comparison to 2011, volumes were actually up 5.5% year-over-year hitting a level of 119.3 (100/base starting in the year 2000).

As a primary barometer for the broader economy, trucking metrics are tracked closely by Wall Street for signs that the economic recovery is gaining momentum. Read more

Gasoline stocks drop significantly in latest EIA report

Gasoline Stocks Drop significantly in Latest EIA ReportAnalysts were expecting a drop of about 1.5 million barrels of gasoline in last week's Energy Information Administration report.

Most were surprised when stocks fell nearly 3 million barrels.

Problems in the West Coast with refinery capacity and maintenance shutdowns helped to create the significant drop in stockpiles.

The result will be a near-term increase in pump prices for most forms of fuel.

Getting a hint from the rail sector

Getting a hint from the rail sectorOne of the components that economists are starting to watch is the volume flowing through the intermodal segment of the rail industry.

Intermodal is that segment that is most closely related to trucking and typically provides an element of forecast value in understanding how the U.S. import/export sector is performing. 

Along with the ATA's report that February tonnage in the trucking sector was up slightly, intermodal activity as shown by the American Association of Railroads showed that year-over-year comparisons were somewhat flat against 2011, up just 2.3%.

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