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Winter walking tip

The perils of winter walking aren't exclusive to the outdoors.

Snow and ice cling to shoes and garments, and quickly turn to dangerous slush when we step inside.

Remember to remove snow from footwear, clothing and even umbrellas before heading indoors to prevent wet indoor floors that bring slips and falls.

Winter walking tip

Winter driving tip

Passing in bad weather is always risky business, and especially so with snowplows.

Spray from snowplows can impair visibility while passing.

The road behind the plow is always much safer than the one in front of it.

Allow yourself more time to get to where you're going in the winter months.

Be patient. Don't pass the plow.

Winter driving tip

Don't take chances with your freezable shipments

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Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with awards.

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What's New at Holland

Look who's driving continuity in your supply chain

Look who's driving continuity in your supply chainEvery day, customers track how Holland service affects the efficiency and reliability of their supply chains.

On a recent January day when snow turned a routine drive into a white-knuckle slog, Georgine Dluzak was tracking a very different metric: how many miles to her home in the Milwaukee suburb of Greendale, WI.

"When it snows, slow down. I was irritated because trucks were going by me at 55 or 60 miles per hour," Georgine said. All except a Holland truck driven by Chuck Martin.

Georgine caught up to Chuck on Interstate 94 near Moorland. Her irritation turned to relief as she stayed about two truck lengths behind him until she reached her exit 15 miles away.

"He was going about 45 miles per hour. I followed his wheel tracks. His truck was not splashing slush on other vehicles. I was privileged and thankful to be following somebody who was driving so sensibly," she said.

For Chuck, it was another day where safety comes first. He did not realize a motorist was following him but is pleased his safe driving helped her get home.

"It was an average day for me. The vehicles we drive are huge; we have to watch out for everybody else," he said when told a motorist called Holland to share her positive experience. 

Chuck Martin, Milwaukee, WI city driverGeorgine says she witnessed a company's good business practices as well as an individual's safe driving. "Whatever a business puts into safety programs saves money and heartache down the line," said Georgine, an adjunct instructor who teaches management courses at an area university.

Accident-free his six years as a Milwaukee, WI city driver with Holland, Chuck says he loves driving in all conditions, even snow. That's good news for customers sensitive to Mother Nature's tendency to slow a supply chain. 

According to a study conducted by the Business Continuity Institute and cited in the Jan. 11 issue of Material Handling & Logistics, 51 percent of companies polled named adverse weather as the main cause of supply chain disruption in 2011. Weather-related events outranked IT and telecommunications outages as sources of supply chain disruption.

While we cannot control the weather, we can help you overcome Mother Nature's unpredictability with industry-leading reliability. With more next-day lanes than any competitor, we move thousands of shipments hundreds of miles in 18 hours or less from our service centers every day.

For every shipment, we closely track the metrics that matter most to the continuity of your supply chain:

  • 97 percent or better on-time service
  • 99 percent on-time for guaranteed and expedited shipments
  • 99.8 percent damage-free deliveries

When inclement weather does occur, Holland proactively keeps customers informed with service alert emails and web postings to help you plan. Our professional drivers are trained to meet the challenges of the road, but safety comes first. So when reliability and predictability are watchwords for continuity in a supply-chain, Holland has the expertise to balance safety and performance.
Bring an unsurpassed level of predictability to your supply chain. Call us at 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online today.

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News & Other Services

Protecting your precious cargo

This year's winter has been mild so far, but anyone who has lived in the region long enough knows that the potential for bad winter storms remains.

This past Thursday, Punxsutawney Phil caught sight of his shadow, and scurried back into his burrow--predicting six more weeks of winter. Though we don't expect you to put your trust in a groundhog, what you can put your trust in is Holland's 40 years of freeze-protection expertise.

Protecting your precious cargoSome carriers protect your cargo from the cold with a wink and a prayer, but we at Holland employ tried and true systems to keep your cold-sensitive cargo safe.

That's because we understand the real gravity of a damaged shipment.

Frozen cargo creates a domino effect of problems extending from your supply cycle--to your customers--to their customers--and onward. When dealing with the aggravation of a damaged delivery, filing a claim is merely the beginning.

And that's why we at Holland seek to stop that first domino from ever falling--by providing 99.9% damage-free service for your freezable shipments.

With the most next-day lanes in the region, you can be sure that your cargo will have limited exposure to the elements. And while in transit, our use of technically engineered, environmentally friendly CargoQuilts® ensure that your shipment remains above 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of shipping.

Freeze-protected shipments are picked up five days a week, from Monday to Friday, to provide you with convenience and flexibility, and terminal warm rooms are available for all weekend stays.

Simply mark your bill of lading with "Protect from freezing," and we'll make sure your shipment arrives "headache free."

Also, don't forget to sign up for our automated email service alerts. Receive proactive notifications of possible service delays due to inclement weather in your region. 

Keep your shipment warm with the reliable Freeze Protection provided by Holland!

Holland helps welcome home the troops

St. Louis, MO saw a crowd of about 100,000 people turn out Saturday, Jan. 28, during the nation's first big "Welcome Home the Heroes from Iraq" parade to salute men and women in the military.

Holland helps welcome home the troopsHundreds of veterans came from around the country to show their support. The St. Louis Holland team, honored parade participants, were also there saluting our veterans, along with the floats and marching bands.

Led by the efforts of professional Holland driver Roy Gillespie, the Holland team knew right away that they would be involved in this historic moment. Roy stated, "This was easy to organize--it really was a team effort. The whole Holland team pitched in."

A brand new Holland tractor manned by St. Louis city driver Michael Koeller travelled proudly down Market Street, stirring the crowd with its booming horn and numerous rippling flags. Every branch of the military was represented by a flag hanging proudly from the trailer.

The truck's parade presence was amplified by the Holland team--nearly 40 Holland employees and members from Teamsters Local Joint Council 13. Holland drivers subscribe to the mantra "America's needs are delivered by truck." They are proud of the way Holland service fulfills that role, but recognize the ultimate contribution to America's needs made by our troops. The team walked beside the rig the entire length of the parade, saluting veterans, showing their gratitude, and handing out 100 pounds of candy to children.

While waiting for the parade to begin, Michael opened the cab of the tractor to children of service members for some big rig discovery time, including these twin girls (see photo below) whose father (currently serving in Afghanistan) provided them with their hats.

Checking out the big rigRoy explains his passion to provide assistance to our troops simply, "I enjoy it. It's important that we support the service men and women that protect our country."

View a video of the parade and see our participation in action by moving the frame to the 8 minute mark. 

At Holland, our dedication to service extends beyond our customers outward to our communities. The charitable efforts of Roy and his coworkers always find support.

Chris Gula, the St. Louis Holland Terminal Manager, explained that the Holland team has been a part of various service-based events--including relief work for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and a biannual care package fundraiser for U.S. troops through the organization Operation Homefront.

"Team Holland participates in a variety of ways. We are always excited to help."

We at Holland Headlines say "hats off" to the U.S. troops and to the whole Holland team in St. Louis for proudly demonstrating commitment to community service.

Find out more about Operation Homefront at

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

On any given weekend, 2012 "I Am Holland" award winning city driver Al Vollmer (South Bend, IN), can be found spending quality time with his large family--54 members strong and counting. "I'm always helping somebody or somebody is helping me," he says. "That's how my home was built in 1990--with the help of family."

Al Vollmer, city driver, South Bend, INHis hard-working and conscientious qualities are equally evident throughout the work week with his Holland family. Al's actions--big and small--show he cares.

South Bend Terminal Manager Kurt Kopczynski says, "Al builds relationships with his customers to where they feel that, if they have something they need, they can always go to him." 

Explains Al, "Most of my customers have my personal cell phone number. If they have a problem or question, they call me direct."

Gortrac, maker of roll-up doors for fire trucks and track for guiding the wires of scissor lifts and other applications, has Al's number.

With skids often big enough to take up half a trailer, the company may call Al to ask if he has room in his trailer. Exemplifying Holland's core values of integrity, respect, excellence, and continuous improvement, Al gets the job done.

One Saturday morning, the manufacturer alerted Al they were running out of material. "A much needed shipment was at our terminal," Al explains. Al met the shipper that Saturday, and Gortrac was able to keep its production up and running.

In another instance, Al received kudos from UFS Corporation, suppliers to the electrocoating industry.

One Friday last winter, when a snowstorm shut down the company's offices, UFS's Linda Hazelton called Holland dispatch to find out how quickly she could get a pickup for her expedited shipment. "She wanted to have it picked up early," Al recalls.

Once Al received the message, he was quick to make special arrangements. Linda met Al as he arrived. Within minutes the paperwork was done, and the freight was loaded. Linda was able to get home before the snowstorm got worse, secure in the knowledge that the water filtration system replacement parts would arrive in time for her customer. "Service like this is the reason Holland is my #1 carrier," says Linda.

Al is just one example of the people and service that keeps customers coming back to Holland.

Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

"I Am Holland"

Al is a proud member of the 2012 "I Am Holland" award winning team.

The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees I am Hollandwho exemplify our core values:
--Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
--Respect for each individual
--Excellence in all areas of customer service
--Hard work and continuous improvement

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Highlighting how trucking affects our lives,
And the people who make it happen

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on a typical day in the United States about 32 million tons of goods valued at 25.2 billion dollars move via trucks on our nation's highways.

Here at Holland, we understand that at the core of those statistics are real, hardworking people--people who climb into a truck cab every day to keep America's gears turning. That's why we have created our new series "By way of the highway"--to honor the people who transport the goods we need to survive. 

For 12-year Charlotte, NC Holland driver, Jeff Whitaker, his most memorable deliveries aren't defined by heroics or exciting locations. What makes a delivery special for Jeff is simple--seeing the smile of a satisfied customer. It is one of the things that makes him glad he works for Holland.

"I remember a delivery I made to a small antiques dealer in Salisbury, NC. It was a standard liftgate delivery. I made it on time and this customer just thanked me up and down. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but he thought enough of the service to call my terminal manager and the home office to pat me on the back. It was great, but in my mind I was just doing my job."

Jeff Whitaker, driver, Charlotte, NCAnd that's precisely why "just doing his job" is so rewarding for Jeff. Holland's service values fit with his own, and that makes him happy to be a part of the team. 

"For me, what sets Holland apart is its attitude towards its customers. We have an excellent damage-free ratio, and speed that is second to none in the industry. And that's because we always take care of our customers; no 'ifs-ands-or-buts.' In my twelve years here I've never heard a single excuse made. For me, that's what makes us a leader."

Over the years, Jeff has translated his passion for top-notch service into considerable personal success. With over 12 years of accident-free driving, Jeff Whitaker has proudly represented Holland in numerous statewide and national trucking competitions.

In 2010 Jeff won the North Carolina state championship in the 4-axle category, and went on to compete at the national level. He was also recently named a member of the North Carolina State Road Team. In 2009 Jeff also won at the North Carolina Truck Driving Championships in the 4-axle category.

But despite his accomplishments, Jeff Whitaker remains humble. He chalks up much of his success to the people around him--"One of the key attributes is a willingness to learn. I certainly don't know everything, and I don't know anyone who does; but if we share the knowledge we have, and learn together, we're all better off for it."

He added, "In the grand scheme of things, I don't consider myself to be special. If there's any success on my part, it's because I'm surrounded by great people at Holland, from top to bottom. It's not just me. This is a team, and it's the team that's special."

In addition to his commitment to professional service, Jeff has dedicated himself to the community. For the past two years, Jeff has been the top fundraiser for the annual MAPTDA Fun Drive benefitting the Make-a-Wish Foundation. But staying true to form, Jeff doesn't boast.

"I've been fortunate in this industry. This job has afforded me a decent lifestyle, and I'm thankful to be able to give back. It's a real privilege to be able to do these things."

And we at Holland consider it a privilege to have someone with Jeff's talent and character on our team. His commitment to excellence in both service and performance make him a model Holland employee.

People like Jeff are what make Holland great, and whether or not he thinks he's special . . . we certainly do.

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Industry News

Chicago PMI strong despite falling for third month

Chicago PMI strong despite falling for third monthThe best barometer for Midwest manufacturing came in slightly below expectations. The Chicago PMI for manufacturing came in "at 60.2 which compares to 62.2 in December and a market consensus of 63.0, but remains quite healthy," said David Sloan, an economist with IFR Economics (source: CNBC).

A reading of 50 signifies the midpoint between expansion and contraction in the manufacturing sector.

Although the index fell for the third consecutive month, a reading of 60.2 is still significantly higher than a reading of 50--implying that manufacturing in the Midwest is expanding.

Consumer spending slows but savings increase

Consumer Spending Slows But Savings IncreaseConsumer spending accounts for more than 70 percent of GDP and nearly all of the goods moving segment of the U.S. economy (which is approximately $6.5 trillion annually).

Spending in December was essentially flat after rising in the previous two months. Household income was higher but rising energy, fuel, and food prices held retail sales down slightly.

Consumers increased their use of credit to make purchases on a broad scale--which some economists worry could reduce their ability to spend in the future if inflation on food and fuel increases while incomes remain somewhat flat. Consumer optimism, a barometer of sentiment, seemed to be improved across most districts in the U.S. for December. Find out more.

Thailand flooding could impact supply chain through 2014

Thailand flooding could impact supply chain through 2014Many U.S. supply chain managers may not think about the impact of Thailand flooding this year on the global supply chain, but 40 percent of the world's motherboards are produced in the country.

227 companies were underwater this summer--and only 15 have resumed "normal" operations. The impact on the U.S. supply chain and the movement of freight goods is significant.

Hi-tech goods and components that utilize computer motherboards will see these disruptions continue.

And, if there is a risk that these flooding situations could continue for the next two years, many companies will decide to near-source in the West, Midwest, or upper northeast of the U.S. Some will also increase their sourcing in Mexico as a result--as long as disruptions from drug cartel violence are kept in check. Read more

Key maritime freight metric falls

Key maritime freight metric fallsThe Baltic Dry Index is one of the oldest global freight indexes still in use today. It measures the cost to move goods across the most active maritime trade lanes in the world.

The index has plummeted over the past month to come in at 702 points as of January 30, 2012. For comparison, the index had a high of 11,000 points in the summer of 2008 and a low of 666 just six months later in the spring of 2009.

Today, analysts believe that the maritime sector has increased capacity far exceeding demand. In addition, there is a global slowing of raw material movement of goods with European countries at risk of going into recession.

Analysts believe that a number of maritime companies could be at risk of bankruptcy as a result of weaker global volumes and poor overcapacity situation in the bulk shipping sector. Get additional info.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Defending your debit card

Debit cards can be a convenient way of making financial transactions without the trouble of handling cash or the burden of credit cards. However, because debit cards are a direct payment from your checking account, you are at a greater risk of personal loss from fraud.

Defending your debit cardAvoid these top three risky debit card practices to keep your finances safer:

1) Keep it indoors--Many thieves employ small cameras, or "skimming" devices at swiping points in order to harvest your card's information. Outdoor locations inherently run a greater risk than indoor ones--they have less supervision. Avoid swiping your debit card outdoors. Check for signs of damage at ATMs that could indicate tampering.

2) Caught in the web--When you use your debit card online, your information becomes vulnerable at multiple contact points: on your end, over a network, or on the end of the vendor. This is combined with the fact that you never know exactly WHO is handling your information. The web is one of the riskiest places to use a debit card.

3) Eating, drinking, and scamming--In many restaurants around the country, you give your debit card to a total stranger--your server—who then leaves to swipe your debit card in an unseen location. This presents a golden opportunity for your information to be copied. Opt for cash or credit cards when in restaurants and bars.

Thieves and scammers grow increasingly sophisticated. Following these guidelines can greatly reduce your risk of being a target.

Stay alert. Remember to call your bank immediately if you suspect a problem.

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