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Fast reliable service to Canada

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Holland Rewards

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What's New at Holland

Why your inbound matters

Why your inbound mattersAt Holland, we don't tell you what we offer until we ask what you need.

That's how our sales and operations professionals work with you to assure consistent and reliable service.

Increasingly, you are telling us you need more control over costs while maintaining the highest service levels. Reducing inventory-carrying costs by taking control of your inbound transportation achieves both objectives.

When your purchase orders specify Holland, you gain more than better transportation rates based on both outbound and inbound volume. You can see shipments moving from origin in your supply chain, giving you multiple points of efficiency.

For example, online visibility to shipment status:
--Keeps you abreast of freight movement details
--Provides foresight to effectively plan, schedule and control production
--Helps to coordinate return of surplus goods
--Improves ability to measure and monitor vendor compliance to shipping windows and schedules for enhanced cost controls, better labor planning and reduced administrative work

Along with giving you more options for routing decisions, visibility to inbound shipments also lets you schedule your operations with confidence. Holland delivers your freight with care, consistently on time and damage-free.

If a supply chain setback does occur, Holland can help you recover with our guaranteed and expedited services.

Backed by our capabilities, your supply chain can serve as a strategic tool for inventory management.

Tell us what you need. Your Holland account executive is ready to help develop your best shipping solutions.

For more information on Holland value and service for your inbound transportation, call us at 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online.

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News & Other Services

Holland has you covered . . .

Holland has you coveredWith cold weather setting in, your temperature-sensitive shipments require extra care to prevent damage from freezing.

That's why we at Holland have put in place rigorous systems to ensure that your cargo gets to where it's going unharmed by the chill of winter. All you need to do is mark your shipment and bill of lading with "Protect from Freezing." We'll take care of the rest.

What's our secret weapon to combat the cold? Technically engineered, environmentally friendly CargoQuilts®. Not to be confused with common dunnage, CargoQuilts® are specially designed to insulate your shipment effectively, ensuring that all covered cargo remains above 32 degrees Fahrenheit for the duration of its travel.

Independent tests have shown that CargoQuilts® will maintain cargo within 10 degrees of its initial temperature upon pick-up for up to three days. Our freight management system tracks  the inventory of CargoQuilt® covers to insure they are always available for your freight and ready to be properly installed by our specially trained drivers.

But it's not only the tools that keep your cargo toasty; it's the service, too.

With more next-day lanes than any other carrier in the region, shipping with Holland means your sensitive materials spend less time in transit. And in case of extended shipment stays and/or severe cold, warm rooms are available at all of our terminals. Freeze Protection shipment pickups are made five days a week, including Fridays.

With the proper tools, and our unparalleled dedication to service, Holland is able to deliver a 99.9 percent claim-free Freeze Protection service. That's something that makes us proud, and keeps you worry-free.

Don't forget to sign up for our email service alert system and be notified of any inclement weather that might affect your shipment.

To learn more about our Freeze Protection services, please complete a customer interest form, or call us at 1-866-465-5263.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

Delivering an exceptional customer experienceRachel Earhart (Worthington, MN) hung up the phone with the customer's words ringing in her ears: "Holland is the most caring carrier I have dealt with in my entire career."

It's a curious form of praise in a deadline-driven marketplace where business success often rides on timely shipment pickups and deliveries. But no worries for this customer. "He had a problem, and I just handled it," Rachel explained. 

Rachel's caring and understanding manner is reassuring to customers. Behind her competent demeanor is an ability to craft solutions for shipping situations ranging from tight timetables to complex deliveries. "I know what Holland can do. I believe in Holland, and I believe in making customers happy," she said.

One customer's trust in Rachel and the Holland network resulted in every standard shipment being delivered on time. "He was a new customer who had a lot of confidence in us," said Rachel. Other customers depend on Rachel to monitor their shipments from pickup through delivery with updates via email.

Rachel calls it keeping customers happy. Holland calls it living the company's core values of integrity, respect, customer service excellence and hard work.

In 2011, Rachel was nominated by her co-workers and selected by Holland leadership for the coveted "I Am Holland" award, which is presented each year to employees who exemplify the Holland core values.

"I can't accept this award on my own," says Rachel. "I have so many contacts throughout the terminal and the Holland system. Everyone works together every day to serve our customers."

Officially, Rachel is the office administrator at the Holland Worthington service center located in Jackson, MN. But Hans Vinge, inbound supervisor, says Rachel "is everything to this terminal." According to Hans, Rachel never allows anything to slip between the cracks--from her office duties to OS&D, rating shipments, solving customer service issues and payroll. "I don't know how she manages all the tasks," he said.

"Sticky notes. I just need a list," says Rachel with a laugh.

"Sticky notes" help her stay organized at work and at home, where she is mom to three daughters, the youngest only nine months old.

Rachel is just one example of the people and service that keep customers coming back to Holland. Many more are just a call or click away.

Experience Holland service for yourself. Schedule your next shipment by calling 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

"I Am Holland"

The "I Am Holland" award recognizes employees I am Hollandwho exemplify our core values:
--Integrity in all our relationships, inside and outside the company
--Respect for each individual
--Excellence in all areas of customer service
--Hard work and continuous improvement

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Highlighting how trucking affects our lives,
And the people who make it happen

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, on a typical day in the United States about 32 million tons of goods valued at 25.2 billion dollars move via trucks on our nation's highways.

Here at Holland, we understand that at the core of those statistics are real, hardworking people--people who climb into a truck cab every day to keep America's gears turning. That's why we have created our new series "By way of the highway"--to honor the people who transport the goods we need to survive. 

For 17-year Holland veteran Herschel Evans (Atlanta, GA), that significance is palpable. In a day's work, he sees the pavement and the big picture, and that's precisely what compels him to get behind the wheel. "The next time you see a truck on a highway, just imagine what could be in it. It could be equipment for your high school football team, parts for a manufacturer, or a shipment of medical supplies. Whatever it may be, what we haul makes a difference and adds to the quality of life for everyone."

Herschel EvansBy understanding the "true weight" of each shipment, Herschel also understands the importance of timely, safe deliveries.

And that's why Herschel has stayed on board with Holland for all these years--"Holland is the type of company that provides a higher quality type of service. We are not the cheapest carrier, and we are not trying to be. We concentrate on damage-free, fast service. That's the kind of company I want to be involved with."

But it's not just the job done that Herschel loves, it's the process too.

From a young age his father--a diesel mechanic--taught him the inner-workings of a big rig, drawing diagrams at the kitchen table, and fostering a love that continues to grow today. "I have always loved to drive. I am comfortable behind the wheel. It just feels right to me; rarely intimidating, but always challenging."

As a Holland veteran, Herschel exercises that deep knowledge every single day. And it has paid off. Over the years Herschel has accumulated a wealth of awards and honors for his skills behind the wheel.

His most recent achievements include first place in the 2011 and 2008 National Truck Driving Competition's five-axle category. When it comes to being a better driver, Herschel is never satisfied. "The legally required skills and training are just the starting point. A driver can never quit learning how to be better and safer on the job."

As a champion and active member of the community, Herschel sets the bar high for his fellow Holland drivers--and with a 99.9% claim-free rate, our drivers consistently rise to the challenge.

Herschel's commitment to service extends beyond working hours, too. He has participated in a number of charitable events, including the annual Ride for Kids dedicated to raising funds for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. "I am a big believer in getting involved with a cause and putting in the time to help make a difference. We would all be better off if folks would pick a charity and lend a hand."

With a passion for service, and an unquenchable desire for improvement, Herschel Evans embodies what we at Holland strive to be. We believe that great people make a great company, and it's precisely people like Herschel that allow us to stand above the rest.

So the next time you find yourself on the west side of Atlanta or on 1-75 heading into Macon, keep a look out for a big white Holland trailer. And feel free to give a big thumbs-up, because it might just be Herschel . . . and he deserves it.

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Industry News

ISM says manufacturing is moving in the right direction

ISM says manufacturing is moving in the right directionManufacturing growth finished 2011 on a positive note according to the December edition of Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) Manufacturing Report on Business.

In December the PMI inched up 1.2 percent to 53.9. There was a 1.9 percent increase in the November PMI to 52.7

According to the ISM, any reading 50 or higher is a sign of economic growth. The economic activity growth streak in the manufacturing sector has extended to 29 straight months while the overall economy showed growth for 31 consecutive months. Over the last two months, PMI readings each outpaced October, September, and August, which hit 50.8, 51.6, and 50.6, respectively.

November tonnage showing solid annual growth

November tonnage showing solid annual growthAccording to the American Trucking Associations (ATA) seasonally-adjusted truck tonnage had a strong month in November. There was a 0.3 percent gain over November along with a 6 percent annual gain. This is the biggest annual increase since last June when there was a 6.5 percent bump.

The SA index is currently at 116.6. "As I said last month, tonnage levels continue to point to an economy that is growing, not sliding into a recession," ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello said in a statement.

"Over the last three months, tonnage is up 2.3 percent and stands at the highest level since January of this year. Two primary factors have helped truck tonnage in recent months. First, manufacturing output, which generates a significant amount of truck freight, has generally been increasing. Second, retail inventories are very lean, which is helping freight as well since retailers don't have much excess stock and need to replenish when sales go up."

Industrial Real Estate Demand to Grow in 2012

Industrial Real Estate Demand to Grow in 2012In a recent report, Grubb & Ellis stated that modest growth in demand will outpace expansion of warehouse and distribution center space this year.

"The greatest milestone of 2011 was the lease-up of all the space vacated during the recession," said Robert Bach, Grubb & Ellis senior vice president and chief economist. "The lack of new deliveries funneled demand to existing properties, giving the market time to heal."

Demand for industrial real estate accelerated significantly in 2011. There was a total net absorption of 110 million square feet. This was up from only 34 million square feet absorbed in 2010.

Net absorption is expected to rise 15 percent to 130 million square feet in 2012, "due to the uncertainty overseas and the sluggish domestic economy."

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Winter walking tips
to keep you on your feet

Winter walking tipsMost of us know about the hazards of winter weather to road travel, but slick surfaces and snow also pose a threat when on foot.

Slips and falls are all too common and can result in serious injury. Be sure to take extra care how you walk in the winter months.

Follow these guidelines to stay safe when navigating the wintry world on foot.

Dress for safety:

--Opt for footwear with non-slip soles and deep treads to maintain traction on slippery surfaces
--Wear bulky jackets to cushion your fall if you should happen to lose your footing
--Wear sunglasses during the day to prevent glare and allow you to see hazards in your path

Change your gait:

--In cold conditions, always move with caution, and assume that all spots on your path that appear dark or wet are slick with ice
--When walking in hazardous areas, turn your toes slightly outward, extend your arms out at your sides, and take short "shuffling" steps to lower your center of gravity and help maintain balance
--Keep your hands free to brace yourself in case of a fall--never keep your hands in your pockets!

Stay alert:

--Perhaps the most important tip of them all is to stay alert!

Stay aware of your surroundings. Watch for potentially hazardous areas or vehicles in your path.

Remain cautious, move slowly, and soon you'll find yourself strolling safely right into spring!

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