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And the winner is . . .

Holland is a proud recipient of Logistics Management magazine's 2011 Quest for Quality awards in two categories--Midwest/North Central Regional LTL Carriers and Expedited Motor Carriers.

This marks the 26th consecutive year Holland has received at least one Quest for Quality award, and the fourth consecutive year to win in the Expedited category.

Accepting the award on behalf of Holland is Jim Ferguson, vice president Sales and Marketing.

Jim Ferguson

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this holiday dedicated to giving thanks, we thank you for choosing Holland for your shipping needs.

It is a privilege to serve you and an obligation we take seriously, every day, with every shipment.

Happy Thanksgiving

Fast reliable service to Canada

Holland has more next-day service into Canada than any other competing LTL service provider.

Want to learn more? Have a Holland representative contact you.

Fast reliable service to Canada

Holland Rewards

Available for individual shipping locations, Holland Rewards recognizes increases in shipping levels with awards.

Now, receive double-point credits for guaranteed, expedited and cross-border Canada shipments.

Call your account executive to learn more and to see if you qualify.

Holland Rewards

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Shirts, caps, gloves . . . our online store offers handy reminders to make Holland your first choice for fast, efficient, claim-free service.

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What's New at Holland

Keeping your supply chain nimble

Keeping your supply chain nimbleAcross the country, inventory levels remain at uncharacteristically low levels. That means the pressure is mounting for nimble supply chains, supported by reliable transportation, which can replenish stock quickly.

In our part of the country, when there's no time for errors, companies know to call Holland. 

In addition to the most next-day lanes in the region and award-winning service, Holland also offers multiple options for guaranteed delivery service.  That means flexibility for your supply chain timed to your specific needs!

Guaranteed delivery:
>> Before 9 a.m.
>> Before noon
>> Before 3:30 p.m.
>> Four levels of window delivery
      --Single hour
      --Multiple hours
      --Single day
      --Multiple days

More than flexibility, at Holland, our 99 percent on-time guaranteed and expedited deliveries, and 99.8 percent damage-free service, give you the assurance your shipments will deliver exactly as they should, every time.

So go ahead, keep a close rein on inventory . . . and Holland on your speed dial!  

Call us at 1-866-465-5263 or visit us online.

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News & Other Services

Don't take chances with your freezable shipments

Freeze ProtectionAt Holland, we've engineered processes for shipments susceptible to freezing, which deliver 99.9 percent claim-free results.

Your Holland driver is trained and follows standard procedures to ensure a successful move.

When your driver flags your shipment for Freeze Protection, the local and destination terminals are notified.

This allows them to monitor the status and location of your shipment and properly prepare for its arrival.

Part of that preparation includes the unique industry use of CargoQuilts®, which place a blanket of protection around your goods to prevent a rapid temperature drop. Independent tests demonstrate that CargoQuilts® will maintain a product within 10 degrees of its temperature at pickup for up to three days. Quilts are on hand at terminals throughout our network.

Warm rooms also are available at our terminals for shipments experiencing extended stays--such as over weekends--or in the case of extreme cold temperatures.

What's more, with the largest next-day service area connecting thousands of ZIP codes, Holland moves your shipments with less exposure to the risk of freezing. Freezable pickups are available five days a week.

Simple to access, all you do is mark your shipments and bills of lading with "protect from freezing." Our systems are set up to take care of it from there.

Coinciding with the seasonal start of the Holland Freeze Protection Service, a new email Service Alert option and webpage on will provide more detailed information about weather that may potentially impact service.

To find out more about our Freeze Protection Service, complete an information form and one of our representatives will contact you; or simply call 1-866-465-5263.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience

JenniferIn 2004, Jennifer Marquardt left her job at the Holland terminal in Wheeling, IL to raise her son.

Now, seven years later, she's back, working evenings, 5:30 to 11:30, at the Joliet, IL terminal.

"I missed Holland," laughs Jennifer.

"It feels like I haven't been gone a day. Some things are different, but the teamwork hasn't really changed."

Jennifer works in billing. "It's a fast-paced environment and the night flies by. As the drivers come in, they give us their bills. The faster we process the bills and get them to the dock, the faster the dock can load trailers and get them dispatched. When that's done, I pull the bills on the inbound freight, coming from other terminals for delivery in the morning. I go non-stop from the moment I walk in the door! All of this results in our trucks being dispatched faster, providing quicker info and maintaining our commitment to the customer."

"We're a team," she adds. "All these people, working together, for one common goal. Drivers, clerks, dock, dispatch, linehaul--we all come together providing the best service for our customers. We're like a little family."

Working part time on the evening shift is a good fit. "I'm hopeful it will work into full time, but for now, part time is good for me and for Holland. We had a great summer, and now I can take my son to school in the morning."

And then there's the fascination with trucks. "I'll recognize a driver on the street and say 'hi,' and my son thinks that's so cool that I know the driver!"

Jennifer is just one example of the dedicated people delivering team oriented service that keeps customers coming back to Holland.

Experience Holland service for yourself; schedule your next shipment by calling at 1-866-465-5263 or go online to

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A Place Holland Calls Home

Joliet, IL

A Place Holland Calls Home: Joliet, ILIt's called the "Crossroad of America" and for good reason.

In 1913, the Lincoln Highway Association determined its road from Times Square in New York to Lincoln Park in San Francisco should run through Joliet.

In 1926, when the Mother Road, Route 66, was commissioned, Joliet was part of the trip between Chicago and Los Angeles. In more recent times, Joliet would become the intersection for the busy I-80 and I-55 highways.

Roadways are only part of the reason for the "crossroads" designation. As far back as the 1830s, the Illinois & Michigan Canal, which connected the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, ran through Joliet, offering a way for farmers and industry to move goods to distant markets.

The railroads soon followed. The Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, built in 1852, further linked Joliet to Chicago, while the Chicago, Alton, and St. Louis and the Chicago, Pekin, and Southwestern rail lines helped establish Joliet as a railroad hub.

Once the "Joliet cut-off" of the Michigan Central was completed in 1855, trains could completely bypass Chicago's rail congestion.

Joliet continues to flourish as a centralized location for supporting supply chains. Recognizing customers' need for reliable next-day transportation, Holland opened its Joliet terminal, a 100 dock-door facility, in 2000.

In the tradition of the "crossroads" moniker, the Joliet terminal connects the Chicago area with Kansas City, Memphis, and Pittsburgh with reliable next-day service.

"We're really growing out here," says terminal manager Mike Hoh, referring to the construction of new distribution centers in the area. "In just the last year, we've hired local and linehaul drivers, as well as four-hour 'casual' drivers to handle business."

Holland knows Joliet and shippers know they can count on Holland, the leader in next-day service.

To schedule a pickup, go to or call 1-866-465-5263.

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Industry News

Wetter than average winter

Wetter than average winterThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a wetter than average winter for the Great Lakes, Northern Plains, and Ohio and Tennessee Valleys this winter, attributing the conditions to the influences of La Niña. NOAA also warns that, "erratic Arctic Oscillation can generate strong shifts in the climate patterns that could overwhelm or amplify La Niña's typical impacts."     

Congress approves free-trade agreements

Congress approves free-trade agreementsUshering in new opportunities for exporters, the U.S. Congress approved free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama.

"American automakers, farmers, ranchers and manufacturers, including many small businesses, will be able to compete and win in new markets," said President Barack Obama.

EPA SmartWay Champion Award

EPA SmartWay Champion AwardYRC Worldwide chief sustainability officer, Mike Kelley, is a recipient of one of the inaugural United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SmartWay Champion Awards.

SmartWay is a voluntary emissions reduction program initiated by the EPA in 2004. "We are proud SmartWay partners and the program is a total team effort at YRC Worldwide. This is a great honor for the YRC Worldwide team members who have invested their time and talent in the SmartWay program," said Kelley.

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Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Go online after you ship

Go online after you ship

In past issues of Holland Headlines, we showed how accessing before you ship and when you're ready to ship can help you plan your transportation and add efficiencies to your processes.

The benefits of using our online tools don't end there! Because our website maintains your shipping data, you also have easy access to the information you need to manage your transportation after you ship.

For example, has electronic images of invoices, bills of lading, delivery receipts and Weight and Research reports for registered users of our secure website. That gives you the flexibility to easily find, view, email or fax these images to customers or others in your company.

Looking for information on a specific shipment? You have three ways to search: By PRO number, BOL number or PO number.

Need to see the bigger picture on your transportation activities with Holland? Simply subscribe to weekly, monthly, or one-time service summaries to receive automated reports in your email. You also can receive reports on the status of your active shipments on a daily basis.

At, you'll find shipping forms, tools and information at your fingertips . . . and on your clock. Check it out!

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